Dear reader Welcome! I’m so happy you found my blog and hope you both enjoy and have good use of its content. I moved as an expat to New York in 2005 from Stockholm, Sweden. But like many before me, I was bitten by the New York bug already as a child! 

The field of law is a highly national discipline making an international career hard. I chose career paths carefully and worked really hard for my New York dream to come through. In 2005 I succeeded, as EY sent me over as a lawyer, to be Manager of the European Desk. I still remember the joy and feeling! My very first apartment, was on 60th Street right by Columbus Circle. I fell in love with the neighborhood and – how I fell even deeper in love with this amazing life changing city! 

My ever evolving love and passion for New York, is only deepening and my interest in the city is next to none! I still discover and visit every corner every chance I get. I frequent the city’s many celebrated restaurants, museums, bars, parks and events (the list is as infinite as the city itself!) of which you can benefit in the guide’s section

I have since moved a bit uptown by Central Park close to Columbus Circle. I walk nearly every day in the park, which I love! I am also blessed with two wonderful kids, Harry and Julia! As a result, we’ve discovered new fun sides to the city we love as a family. Be sure follow the kids guides if you are looking to visit New York with kids! ?❤️ Also, we are serious foodies, you will find a lot of posts in food & drink!

So why did I start a blog? If only I had a penny for every time someone told me to start one..! I’m a published author in Sweden (law literature, Bonnier publishing) so writing does come naturally. However it really started the other way around on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve built up thousands of followers through the years to our many adventures. The blog is really an extension and development from that. Of course, my ever curious need to discover all things new and old in New York plays a big part too! 

Lastly there is a section regarding politics and some posts here and there in Swedish. Why? This is a service to Swedes who have interest and questions about the US political scene, news and developments. I also frequently get asked where to go and which restaurants I recommend! 

I hope you enjoy my blog and tag along for our adventures! Please subscribe to my blog and follow me onInstagram. Don’t be afraid to comment and ask questions, I will try to answer as soon as I can. Thank you again for being a valued reader ❤️ and lets get to it!