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    Iconic Restaurants

    You are in luck – there is no place like New York for food! Literally around the corner, you have the best cuisine from all parts of the world. Many famed …

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    Riksrättsdebatten i kongressen

    Jag lyssnade på debatten i representanthuset inför omröstningen och den var tydligt partipolitisk. Demokraterna tog upp vad presidenten gjort fel i Ukraina-skandalen och deras moraliska skyldighet att ställa Trump inför riksrätt. …

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    Impeachment – Simply Explained

    The Congress, the legislature of the USA, has power derived from the Constitution to remove a president from office through impeachment. Although the process bares similarities to a criminal trial, it’s …

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    Tokyo Trip

    Our whole family truly loves Japan. We’ve been several times, first time in 1996. Back then it was a completely different experience altogether. Nothing was in English, signs or subway maps, …

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    5 Favorite Bars

    Over the years I’ve seen many bars come and go. Some you miss more than others and thankfully some come back. Like New York beloved Pastis. I’ve listed 5 favorites, very …

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    Central Park with Kids

    Central Park is a amazing park filled with activities especially for kids! We live right by the park and have spent countless days enjoying it. Our whole family loves Central Park …